2000-2009 Teams Of The Decade

The 2000-2009 Team of the Decade was selected by a committee at the end of the 2009-10 season. The committee chose the players in their individual grades using the statistics from the corresponding seasons.

The players were selected using the following criteria:

  • A player could only be selected in 1 grade
  • Each player would be selected in each team based on their role in the team, i.e. each player would be selected for their suited role, it would not just be the 12 players with the best statistics
  • Each team would include minimum of 4 bowlers, 4 batsmen, 1 wicket keeper, 1 all rounder, other positions could be any role
  • Player had to play in a minimum of 30 matches in their respective grade they are selected in

1st XI

  1. Damien Thomas (WK)
  2. Paul Mongan
  3. James Tonkin
  4. Steve Wright (C)
  5. Keiran Knight
  6. Anthony Bradley
  7. Trent Ball
  8. Steve Baker
  9. Damian Baker (VC)
  10. Alistair Lee
  11. Steve Keene
  12. Jarrod Lyons (12th)

2nd XI

  1. Andrew Maggs (VC)
  2. Glen Vassallo
  3. Cameron Sawyer
  4. Ken Mansell
  5. Rob Wright (C)
  6. Ashley Lafferty
  7. Luke Bartley (WK)
  8. Matthew Rhook
  9. Tim Cartmell
  10. Newman Holden
  11. Brett Sawyer
  12. Sam O’Connor (12th)

3rd XI

  1. Dan Hummerich
  2. Simon Stobbart (C)
  3. Tim Nicholls
  4. Brayden Mulvey
  5. Andrew Butcher
  6. Chris Whelan (VC)
  7. Darren Murphy
  8. Marcus Green (WK)
  9. Cameron McCormack
  10. Asif Mohammed
  11. Michael Bocquet
  12. Scott Hayward (12th)